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As a follow-up to the UNC catalyst events, we would like to keep the conversation going by highlighting participant examples of collaborative pharmacy practice models.  As such, we will be disseminating a series of case studies over the next few months with the goal of exchanging innovative ideas and best practices.  We encourage you to reach out to the case study authors to learn more.  Our first case study is Expanding Comprehensive Medication Reviews Offerings by Ashley Abode (

Partners: Realo Drugs and CCHC (Coastal Carolina Health Care, PA)

An Overview of the Program:

Realo, as a community pharmacy, has been able to deliver comprehensive medications reviews utilizing a platform called Outcomes. This program allows patients to receive a medication list and additional counseling on their medication regimen. It also services as a medication reconciliation opportunity and an opportunity to identify and resolve medication related problems in collaboration with providers. The problem with this service is that the list generated in Outcomes is not communicated to the providers’ practices. In order to remedy this issue, Realo was able to get an account through Outcomes for CCHC, a multispecialty medical practice that has a large percentage of its patients in accountable care arrangements. This allows for any patient who has a Part D plan at one of CCHC’s practices to receive a medication review if they are eligible. After the review is completed by the Realo pharmacist, the medication list is updated in CCHC’s EHR and the provider is notified by direct message. Through direct messaging, medication related problems are also addressed and reconciled. At the completion of the service, the patient is mailed an updated medication list with patient specific action plans based upon the problems identified.

Outcomes contact:

Drivers of Success:

  • No add-on cost to the ACO/medical provider
  • Outcomes has existing payer partnerships
  • Pharmacists are the recognized provider for these services

Challenges and “What’s Next”

  • Challenges:
    • You have to have an approved collaboration in the eyes of Outcomes
      • We achieved this by having read-write access to the EHR and ability to have direct messaging to the provider
    • The contract is under the health system/provider’s office. Payment goes back to the health system/provider office
    • Provider list must be updated every 90 days by NPI upload into Outcomes
    • Identifying the best ways to notify providers the medication list in the EHR has been updated.
      • Solution: Realo sends a direct message to the provider upon review completion
    • Identifying the best method for communicating medication related issues to the provider.
      • Solution: Realo sends a direct message to the provider or care manager.
  • What’s Next
    • Addressing Scalability: it could be a great way to collaborate with larger health systems at no additional cost to them, but how to scale the service would be challenging.
      • Solution: Utilize CPESN partners to complete reviews
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